Global Medical Information

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At Novelion Therapeutics, and our subsidiary Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, our mission is to provide customers with timely and accurate information regarding our products. Please contact us by telephone or email as provided below. Please report adverse reactions using one of the contacts below.

by Telephone

Argentina 0800-222-1538
Belgium 00-800-2343-7466
Brazil 0-800-761-1818
Canada 1-855-303-2347
Colombia 01-800-710-2268
Croatia 00-385-1777-6525
Cyprus 00-800-2343-7466
Denmark 00-800-2343-7466
Finland 00-800-2343-7466
France 00-800-2343-7466
Germany 00-800-2343-7466
Greece 00-30-21-1198-3992
Ireland 00-800-2343-7466
Israel 00-800-2343-7466
Italy 00-800-2343-7466
Japan 03-4588-1317
Luxembourg 00-800-2343-7466
Malta 00-800-2343-7466
Mexico 800-266-0074
Netherlands 00-800-2343-7466
Norway 00-47-2103-4389
Portugal 00-800-2343-7466
Saudi Arabia 800-2343-7466
South Korea 02-3483-3336
Spain 00-800-2343-7466
Sweden 2-0089-6447
Taiwan 008-0113-6497
Turkey 008-0044-882-8535
United Kingdom 00-800-2343-7466
United States 1-855-303-2347

For any countries not listed, please call +1-855-303-2347

By Email

For all email contact, please click the link below and complete the simple Medical Information Request form. You will receive an immediate confirmation of your submission and will be contacted by us shortly. 


Medical Information Request