Aegerion Pharmaceuticals 2016 EU Payment Disclosures

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Aegerion 2016 EU Payment Disclosures
Aegerion 2016 EU Payment Disclosures
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Patient Organisation Project / Support Payments without VAT
HEART UK Trading company Preferred sponsorship at HEART UK annual meeting 2016 and symposia sponsor - slot 2 12'950£
HEART UK  Grant for FH network 20'000£
HEART UK  Grant for IFR support and case studies 7'500£
Genetic Alliance RDUK corporate membership 10'000£
EURORDIS, European Organisation for Rare Diseases Subscription to become a member of the European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) Round Tables of Companies 10'000€
UNIAMO Onlus, federazione Italiana Malattie Rare member of EURODIS Rare Diseases Europe Support to the preparation and publication of the booklet related to the Lipodystrophies as Disease awareness material ITALY.  7'000€
FHF (Fundación Hipercolesterolemia Familiar) Grant towards to activities of the SAFEHEART Registry 2016 19'000€
AELIP (Asociació Española de Lipodistrofia) Participation on IV Simposium De Lipodistrofias - Rare Disease Congress, October 2016 6'000€
AELIP (Asociació Española de Lipodistrofia) Global Grant on: Program from October 2016 to September 2017 to support comprehensive care for people and families affected by lipodystrophy 10'000€

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