Aegerion Pharmaceuticals 2014 EU Payment Disclosures

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United Kingdom

  • Consulting/services payments to UK healthcare professionals: In 2014, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals paid 13 UK healthcare professionals a total of £22,483 for the following services: chairing and participating in advisory boards, participating in market research, and providing consulting and other services. Payments represented fair market value for the services provided. In addition, the following expenses were paid to these individuals in connection with providing services to Aegerion: £1,692 on UK travel, £153 on foreign travel and £733 on accommodation.
  • Sponsorships of UK healthcare professionals: In 2014, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals did not pay for the sponsorship of any UK healthcare professional to attend an educational meeting.
  • Grants/donations: In 2014, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals provided £35,000 of funding for the initial phase of an investigator-initiated study at the University College of London.

Patient Organizations

In 2014, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals supported the following patient organizations in the European Union:

Patient Organization Project/Support Amount(Currency) (exclusive of VAT)
Heart UK Sponsorship and exhibition stand at the Heart UK annual meeting, which took place in July 2014 £12,210
(British Pounds)
Heart UK Grant to support the development of HoFH educational materials £6500
(British Pounds)
Heart UK Sponsorship of event £375
(British Pounds)
Genetic Alliance UK Annual corporate membership fee £8400
(British Pounds)
A.N.I.F. - National Association Familial Hypercholesterolemia (Italy) Support for HoFH disease awareness and patient support €15,000