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Andrés Treviño
Senior Director, Government Affairs, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals
We have a unique opportunity here, one that humbles and inspires me.
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Culture & Values

At Novelion Therapeutics, we seek to develop new standards of care for individuals living with rare diseases.

We depend on the commitment, ideas and actions of each individual employee to advance patient care and a create sustainable future for our organization. Drawing upon available data and the diverse perspectives of individuals and functions, we encourage a free exchange of ideas. We are a learning organization and work with urgency, an entrepreneurial mindset that challenges the status quo and efficient operations. We strive to be leaders by making sound decisions with all of our stakeholders’ interests in mind. We know patients rely on us, and we strive to operate in a way that builds trust.

Our identity as a rare disease company is represented in our brand. The orange sphere in our logo is symbolic of the patient who has a rare disease, and the gray spheres represent each of us, organizing to help make a difference for that patient through our work. We take pride in our brand and we take seriously our responsibilities to patients.

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